Making Every Moment Special

Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.
-Mother Teresa

I was 21 years old the first time I realized I was missing out on life. There I was in a hospital bed sick with Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever. I thought I was going to die and my only concern was how the people in my life would never know how much I loved them. They would never know how important they were to me. This was scarier than death.

I was worried about the many things I didn't do and the risks I never took because I was afraid. I didn't like making mistakes or having to regret something because I made the wrong decision. I always preferred to play it safe. I was never sad, but I wasn't truly happy either. I realized I was missing out, I was not living

The moment I knew my life was not at risk anymore, I needed to lead a different life. I promised myself I would make every moment count and every person in my life count. I felt like I was given a second chance. Moving forward I was going to live with intention and determined to take more risks.

Sometimes we can't keep promises, even the ones we make to ourselves. The day to day concerns of married life and the pressure of building a bright future for my family derailed that promise I made to myself 21 years earlier. I became obsessed with the fantasy of the perfect life. So much so that I established all these rules and forgot how to be fun and enjoy the ride. My life became this perfect chain of events with no soul in it.

Usually we don't understand how life seems to always be pushing us in the right direction. Now I see the divorce was a huge wake up call. It forced me to reevaluate my life and realize that I was going in the wrong direction. This time it's extremely important that I keep the promise I made to myself. To make every moment count and every person in my life count.

We have this tendency to only appreciate the moments that are somehow special, like weddings, special birthdays, and every important milestone. In reality, these moments aren't too many compared with every minute we spend on planet Earth. If you add to it that we don't live any moment twice, what you have is a life full of moments that are a one time occurrence. If we don't live anything twice then why don't we start savoring every minute of every day?

I was forced into this reality on the first Thanksgiving after my separation. I could not have my girls on Thanksgiving day and I decided I didn't need a special Thursday to be grateful. I threw a Thanksgiving celebration the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It was full of meaning and as special as Thanksgiving itself. From that day on, I started to notice that I didn't need an special occasion to have a great memory or a moment the would treasure for a long time.

Many of theses special moments are important because of the people we share them with. The people around us are as important as the moment itself. Sometimes moments are just build on people, not on special occasions. The people in our life enrich our experiences, and usually we don't stop to acknowledge them or what they do for us, specially what we can do for them.

I started feeling the need to acknowledge the people around me and what they brought into my life after the separation. I started to recognize the value of family, friends, even acquaintances because in many occasions they were the ones that held me up when I couldn't do it on my own. There was a time I believed that I didn't need anyone to accomplish my goals. Now I am learning how to swallow my pride and ask for the help I need.

Once I opened my eyes, I started seeing people in a different light, I was able to listen to others and appreciate them for who they were. This new way of interacting with people has enriched my life because now I place myself on a position where I can learn something new from every person that crosses my path. I have learned that everyone has a purpose in somebody's life. Sometimes we are teacher and sometimes we are students. If we really pay attention, no one can leave us being the same.

Changing my perspective about my experiences has helped me live a more rewarding life. It has helped me to discover the joy in the simple things. I don't feel I need fireworks or big displays to know that something is special. I care more about people and I'm more sensitive to their needs. My life is full of little memories that make me happy. Making every moment special has turned my everyday life into an extraordinary life. A life I want to be a part of regardless of what it brings!

Thru my divorce I discovered I am a teacher, a writer and a loving mother.  I want my story to inspire you and fill you up with hope so you too can get to the other side of the tunnel.

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