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Letters To My Family: To Dad


Is been 15 years since you left and today I still miss you.  Sometimes I wonder what would you think about my daughters, you would’ve had so much fun with them.  I can even imagine your conversations with my outspoken Sophie.  I can see you melting down with Dani’s charm.  I can see you furious for how my marriage ended up, but not at me.

You know something? Every day I think of you.  A little detail here or there, I even catch myself saying things you used to say.  Is like you’re still here.  Truth is you’ll always be in my heart.  I will always remember that day that you told me, “what I am going to do without you?”.  Little did I know that it was me the one that had to find the answer to that question.

Before you died I got to tell you how much I loved you over the phone.  What I never got to say was, “thank you”.  

Thanks for giving me this optimism, you always said that from all the bad things that could happen we would always get the best one of them, the one that would be for…

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